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Cargo workspace dependency woes


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Reading time: ~2 mins.

They said learning rust would feel like a constant battle with the compiler. They were right. Most of the time it's because of user error with a nice little message telling you how to fix the error. Nice. Easy. When it's cargo yelling at you, it's because of some dependency conflict that is the fault of one of the many libraries in your dependency tree. Fun...

In this case I was working on adding the second GUI to my minesweeper-rs project, this time with the implementation using the Bevy game engine. I structured my project using cargo workspaces so I wouldn't have to recompile the shared minesweeper-logic library for every GUI that I would build, and possibly other libraries that would be shared between Nannou, Bevy etc.

This is the error I ran into right as I added the minesweeper-bevy binary project to the workspace: nannou and bevy dependency error

Nannou depends on wgpu 0.11.0

  • Which has "loose" dependency on wasm-bindgen ^0.2.76 (>= 0.2.76 and < 0.3.0)

Bevy depends on wgpu 0.7.0

  • Which has a "strict" dependency on wasm-bindgen =0.2.69 (has to be 0.2.69)

Cargo will attempt to pick a package that solves both of the requirements for wasm-bindgen, but not if they are constrained in the same compatibility range. In other words, cargo will pick only one version 0.2.* that will satisfy the minor SemVer for both. But since wgpu 0.7.0 has a strict dependency on a specific patch version, it goes with that one. This leaves wgpu 0.11.0 requirements unsatisfied.

For more, see semver compatibility.

Theoretically, wgpu 0.7.0 shouldn't have such strict dependency on a patched version, as patches usually only include bug fixes and the like, and shouldn't break existing features with future patches. That's the definition of SemVer. O'well 🤷‍♂️.

To get around this, I think i'll just get rid of the cargo workspace.